Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"I felt very taken care of"

I wanted to comment on what a great experience it was purchasing from Marcus McQueen . Marcus sold me my previous Countryman so I was comfortable dealing with him. Car buying is stressful - somehow you always feel you could have done a better deal. Marcus was great about explaining how discounts and trade ins work with Mini coop. He was careful to explain different packages and maintenance coverages. I spent more than I anticipated, but took advantage of some low financing thanks again to Marcus.

He was able to take care of everything so that I drove away within several hours with my new car. I felt very taken care of and have no "buyers remorse" as I often do after a large purchase. I also feel confident that he's there for any assistance I need or questions I have.

Great having him as my sales rep! As his Manager, I wanted you to know I would refer anyone to him.

Thank you for this positive experience.

"Exceptional Satisfaction"

I would like to inform you of a great staff you have working for you at your Dealership. My Husband and I recently purchased a new 328xi BMW and were very impressed with Jacob Wyers and Patrick Watkins. We filled out your sales survey with Exceptional Satisfaction for sales associate Jacob and didn't have a chance to comment on your Business Manager Howard Davis.

My Husband did most of the work with  Jake and he was extremely impressed with Jake's  knowledge, dedication, honesty and insight. He was always patient with questions, calm mannered, and made my husband feel comfortable while dealing with every issue. He also is rated with Exceptional Satisfaction.

My Husband and I were Exceptionally satisfied and will recommend your Dealership and all the dedicated staff to everyone.

We will definitely be back to Dream Team Auto so please pass on to all your staff our gratitude.
Beth & Tim

"A 5 star experience"

 I would just like to say that I received EXCELLENT (I put it in caps so you know I am for real, or I am really old and don't understand the caps lock button) service from you Marcus McQueen and your  peeps recently. Thanks to Steve and the service team for fixing an oil leak on my beloved Mini, AngryInch. I was really freaked out about my engine light going on and felt helped and cared for during the entire process! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude when I got it back I actually tried to hug  Steve. Weird and awkward! Sorry  Steve! Any way - thanks for everything. It's been a 5 star experience all around with Keeler Mini and it just continues to be great. Yay!

"I couldn't ask for better"

I had my Mercedes  in for routine service yesterday and I have been eager to tell you how pleased I was with the attention I received from Steve. I couldn't ask for better.

He greeted me immediately and took detailed notes about my concerns (a loose door panel and a recurring complaint about the seat belt signal). He did not underestimate the time I would be waiting and kept me informed about the progress of my service. He seemed as excited as I was to know that they had finally discovered the problem with the seatbelt (the third time I have asked for this to be resolved). Two thumbs up for this guy!

Also, I found the guys in the parts department to be friendly and helpful as well. One even offered to send a fax for me while I was waiting which saved me the headache of a trip to Officemax.

And as usual,  Patrick  greeted me like an old friend and chatted with me for a few minutes while I waited as well although he was busy making another sale.

I wanted you to be aware of the excellent service I received yesterday. What is normally a chore is a pleasure when people treat you well.

"Jacob is an ace sales person"

Thank you. I love the car. I am looking forward to years of fun driving it.

Please know that Jacob Wyers did an awesome job with me. He:
  1. answered all of my long distance questions (I live in Cedar Rapids,IA) and was unable to come in when the dealership was open until last week) with good technical details and encouraging me to come in to drive cars.....over the course of the 4 months or more I was in communication with him ,
  2. did a great job of communicating the immediacy of the convertible that came in, its condition, what the dealership would do to it and the fact that it would sell quickly due to high demand this spring. This was a strong reason in my buying the car last week.
  3. was generally great with any kind of follow up to emails or phone calls from me regarding various cars I was asking about, including new ones at the dock in Rock Island. This was very helpful in my understanding the capability of the dealership and her in getting the exact car I would like, without waiting for a custom order. While I ultimately bought a used car, I will consider a new one in the future, in part because of her knowledge of the systems which could get me a car from various places around the east coast that would fit my exact needs/desires.
  4. always seemed to understand and was never impatient, amidst my changing my mind a lot over the course of our communications,
  5. he reinforced the relaxed, fun nature of the Mercedes quality and brand in all aspects of his presentation to me. I believe that Mini has a brand quality that is in line with Apple's. he is/was the thoughtful, knowledgable, last step in my making one of the larger purchases of my life....like when I buy Apple products for my business.

In short Jacob is an ace sales person and I am very happy to have done business with him.

The quality of your new showroom there also reinforces the brand qualities very strongly. It should help in selling more people on Mercedes while taking care of the existing owners very well when they come in for service.

I will have the car in Cedar Falls a lot over the next few months and most likely will not come in for servicing, unless there is a warrantee issue. But I appreciate knowing your people are available to help me if I need it.

Thank you to Jacob and your organization for a great experience in buying my new Mercedes. I hope to be back before too long for another.

"You have a great team!"

Yesterday my visit was fantastic! My service advisor was quick and friendly! My car and all the paperwork was ready when he said it would be, and my car looked great, washed and vacuumed! I also bought some floor mats in the parts department and they were super helpful as well! You have a great team! They all have certainly grasped the Dream Team approach to wonderful customer service!

Thank you!

"A special thanks to Ricky  in the parts department"

As usual the service was excellent.  A special thanks to Ricky in the parts department for answering all my questions. I had an opportunity to buy a used, like new set of mini wheels and he was helpful answering all my questions so I knew I was getting the correct wheels for my mini.

"Why go anywhere else but Dream Team Auto"

It is always a pleasure to deal with the people at Dream Team Auto . you know they will always be helpful no matter what! We often think of buying another type of car but Keeler makes us so happy so why go anywhere else?


"Pleasant Experience at Dream Team Auto"

Dear Caiti,
Buying my fourth BMW from Patrick Watkins has been a pleasant experience. Customer Service and product knowledge from Pat has been second to none! Pat reflects the professionalism that portray's Dream Team Auto. You could not have a better ambassador for your company than Patrivck Watkins! Please pass these accolades on to the sales manager at your BMW division. Thank you for the pleasant experience.